Product Summary

The G084SN05 V3 is an 8.4-inch color TFT LCD module. It is desinged for display units for industrial applications.


G084SN05 V3 absolute maximum ratings: (1)Logic/LCD drive voltage, VDD: +0.6V; (2)Input voltage of signal, Vin: VDD+0.3V; (3)CCFL current, ICFL: 7mA; (4)CCFL lgnition voltage, Vs: 670/870Vrms; (5)Operating temperature, TOP: +50℃; (6)Operating humidity, HOP: 95%RH; (7)Storage temperature, TST: +60℃; (8)Storage humidity ,HST: 95%RH.


G084SN05 V3 features: (1)The screen format is intended to support the SVGA(800(H)×600(V)) screen and 262k colors (RGB 6-bits data driver); (2)All input signals are LVDS interface compatible; (3)The module does not contain an inverter card for backlight; (4)This is an RoHs product.